Homeskoolery - Our Purpose For Being

A message from the McKay family, the creators and owners of

Through The Homeskoolery LLC, we hope to provide a place where all children can feel welcome and where parents can trust that the content their children receive inspires them to learn. We are a Christian family who feels strongly about our faith and that is reflected in some of our content. While we will not allow content that is antithetical to our beliefs, we are not exclusive, nor do we want to be. It seems to us that the desire to exclude non-Christian teachers or students from our site would be the opposite of who we are and what we stand for as Christians. Our primary mission at Homeskoolery is to create an environment that inspires all students to be critical thinkers who are independent, eager to learn and well equipped to face life’s many challenges. We want to encourage our students to be leaders, confident in who they are and in what they believe. Having this strong foundation, we believe they will achieve great things.