Reasons to Homeschool

Why Do You Want To Homeschool?

my kids are being bullied at school – want to spend more time together – would like a more hands on approach to learning
want a faith based curriculum – more field trips and activities – chronic illness or injury in the family- kids are falling behind academically 
more flexibility in their daily school schedule – have a special needs or learning disabled child who is struggling
want to know who is influencing my children

On a Personal Note:

Why we decided to homeschool…

We decided to homeschool primarily because of our faith and the anti-Christian bias in schools. Our Christian faith is everything to us. We have
four children who were all homeschooled at some point. The two older children are adults and the younger two are still at home. Our older children were not allowed to bring Christian books into their schools. They were not allowed to talk about their faith. They were told that being a Christian is something bad, something to be ashamed of.

This happened in Kansas over 20 years ago and trust me, it’s much worse now. If your faith is an important part of your life, think long and hard before sending your children through the public school system. The environment is antithetical to everything you want for your children. Even if you go to church every Sunday, every Wednesday and take every opportunity to put them in a Godly environment, you are still fighting an uphill battle. They are in anti- God indoctrination centers for about 40 hours a week and in Church at best for about 4. I believe that atmosphere toward people of faith in our schools has caused many children who grow up in a loving Christian home only to abandon God. The influences in your children’s lives are critically important, and every Christian family should give homeschooling serious consideration.