Is it legal for me to Homeschool my Kids?

Yes, but it’s important to know the law. The laws for homeschooling are decided by states so they are not only different state to state but change over time.

Fortunately, even states with the most stringent requirements for homeschoolers are easily managed. There are few if any educational/degree requirements for moms and dads to teach their kids and the required subjects in these states are what you would typically be teaching anyway.

Because of the complexity of having different laws for Homeschooling in every state, we can only offer general advice that would apply in all cases. Like “stay informed and follow the law in your state” for example. It is because of these challenges in keeping up with the laws that we have linked the Home School Legal Defense Association.

HSLDA is an incredible organization and their primary mission is to protect homeschool families. Please use their site to find current information for your State Laws and consider joining HSLDA as they will stand up for you as a benefit of your membership should you run into any trouble with the School District or Child Protective Services as a result of your decision to homeschool.